What is Blockchain Technology? An Easy Guide For Beginners (2019).

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Nearly everyone has heard of Blockchain and that it is cool. But not everybody understands how it works.

At its most essential, a blockchain is a PC document utilized for putting away information – data. Like any PC record (counting the archive you are perusing now) it exists on an advanced stockpiling medium, for example, a PC hard drive. Furthermore, it appears as a string of parallel "bits", zeros, which can be handled by PCs to be made meaningful by people.

We should begin from the earliest starting point. The principal significant use of blockchain innovation was bitcoin which was discharged in 2009. Bitcoin is a cryptographic money and the blockchain is the innovation that supports it. A Blockchain is a chain of squares which contain data. The information which is put away inside a square relies upon the kind of blockchain.

For Example, A Bitcoin Block contains data about the Sender, Receiver, number of bitcoins to be exchanged.

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Who Created Blockchain?

The main recorded notice of blockchain innovation arrived in an archive, or whitepaper, distributed in 2008 by the secretive author or organizers of Bitcoin, just known as Satoshi Nakamoto. Hypothesis about the genuine personality of this irrefutably splendid coder has proceeded right up 'til the present time, with Nakamoto guaranteeing in early correspondences to take care of business living in Japan, conceived on fifth April 1975


On the off chance that you send Bitcoin (or some other cryptographic money) to a companion, or offer it, that data is openly accessible on the blockchain. Other individuals may not know your personality, yet they realize precisely how much esteem has been exchanged starting with one individual then onto the next.

Numerous individuals see blockchain as an option in contrast to customary banking. Rather than requiring a bank or some other establishment to confirm the exchange of cash, you can utilize blockchain and wipe out the center man

How Blockchain Transaction Works?

  • Stage 1) Some individual demands an exchange. The exchange could be included cryptographic money, contracts, records or other data.
  • Stage 2) The mentioned exchange is communicated to a P2P coordinate with the assistance of hubs.
  • Stage 3) The system of hubs approves the exchange and the client's status with the assistance of known calculations.
  • Stage 4) Once the exchange is finished the new square is then added to the current blockchain. So that is perpetual and unalterable.


  • A Blockchain is a type of dairy or spreadsheet containing information about transactions.
  • Each transaction generates a hash.
  • A hash is a string of numbers and letters.
  • Transactions are entered in the order in which they occurred. Order is very important.
  • The hash depends not only on the transaction but the previous transaction's hash.
  • Even a small change in a transaction creates a completely new hash.
  • The nodes check to make sure a transaction has not been changed by inspecting the hash.
  • If a transaction is approved by a majority of the nodes then it is written into a block.
  • Each block refers to the previous block and together make the Blockchain.
  • A Blockchain is effective as it is spread over many computers, each of which has a copy of the Blockchain.
  • These computers are called nodes.
  • The Blockchain updates itself every 10 minutes.

    For enthusiasts of blockchain, you will hear a lot about the decentralized aspect of it. What makes this so appealing is that it makes the blockchain impervious to censorship, tampering, or corruption.

    Because it uses a peer-to-peer network, copies of the ledger are stored n many different locations, and unless you manage to track down every single one of them (Bitcoin is estimated to have over 35,000 nodes in its P2P network), you can’t destroy it. As well, because so many different, independent nodes are keeping track of the ledger, modifying it in an untrustworthy way won’t go very far because all the other nodes will disagree with that transaction and won’t add it to the ledger.

    This is a huge part of why so many people believe blockchain technology is the future of currency, and why it is being adopted in industries other than cryptocurrency.

    I hope this post helped you understand the basics of blockchains – a technology that promises to bring transformative change to many industries and government operations. To dive into more details, have a look at these posts:

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