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“There are tons of buzz-worthy terms in digital marketing. Trending strategies like growth hacking and sales funnel have one common ingredient. The main ingredient to create an engaging digital marketing strategy is the Content. The powerful content plays a vital role in the success of individuals or big business giants.”

Blogging is the foundation for content marketing. Creation of engaging blog content keeps the audience associated for long. It also makes readers revisit your brand and give them a chance to endorse and promote your content. The blog is not only limited to a simple text but you can also add media such as images, infographics and motion graphics to make your blog attractive.

Several times while working for the goal to reach at the top of Search Engine Result Page, we usually forget to fix the tiny errors. In other cases, to save time we skip the middle process to reach the target at the earliest. But this causes effect on website, its speed and search engine ranking.

What are Rich Snippets?

Rich Snippets is also known as Schema Markup Code. It is the advanced method for notifying Google about the content type and its information on your web page. Implementation of Rich Snippets doesn't make any visible changes to your web page. The changes are only experienced in the search page description and on boosted Search Engine Result Page Ranking.

How do Rich Snippets work?

Once the Schema Markup code is applied on the webpage, the search engine gets the better understanding of the content on its web page. The relevancy of the content is matched better when the end user makes a search on Google and your web page contains Schema Markup code. The output is featured in snippet block which is at the top of the search results page. This featured block section includes URL, Page Title, and gist information from a webpage.

Google's artificial Intelligence works on many aspects while delivering search results to users. The search giant has introduced several ways of representing a website markup code. It helps in fetching and displaying relevant content which shows rich search results. A featured snippet looks like this on the webpage:

Benefits of Rich Snippets:

  • Provide relevant search results.
  • Showcase extra information on search engine page.
  • Increases targeted visitors to your web page.
  • Lets you show the specific or special information on SERP.
  • You can add more content than just the meta description to your web page for search result page.

Rich Snippet Example for Cooking Blogger:

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Enable AMP to Boost Mobile Traffic.

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, a Google-backed project designed as an open standard for any publisher to have pages load quickly on mobile devices.

Enabling AMP also means that your content has the potential to display in a new carousel Google displays in search results that only includes AMP-enabled content. AMP-enabled content will display with a small lightning bolt icon as displayed in the image below.

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What is AMP?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. Implementation of AMP makes it easy for the site owner to create mobile-friendly web pages. It enables your web pages to load 10 times faster. AMP makes two versions of each article you publish, first one is the original version which displays article as it is and another one is the AMP version.
AMP enabled content display with a small lightning bolt icon as displayed in below image.

How AMP works?

AMP duplicates your site in HTML format. Conversion of codes into HTML format lets your site content get rid of JavaScript and other complex codes which makes your site slow. Then google extracts the crucial information and removes all the unwanted data which makes the web page loads 10 times faster. AMP preloads the data on servers around the world and will show AMP articles in new carousel Google displays in search results. The AMP optimised pages needs to have a separate page address with AMP in the URL.

You also need to make sure that you mention about your AMP page in the Canonical Tag which helps to inform Google that both the URLs with or without AMP contains same data and belong to one site only.

Benefits of AMP:

  • It ensures 10 times faster Page loading speed.
  • Fast loading pages lead to the low bounce rate of the visitors.
  • It helps a web page to adjust on any web browser.
  • It shows carousel results based on relevancy.
  • It dramatically improves your brand mobile ranking.


AMP and Rich Snippets are Google's Products to increase the web page speed and boost the ranking Search Engine. With the implementation of Rich Snippets, your web page gets more exposure on the search engine results and with the AMP your website loads faster on Mobile.

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