The Ultimate Guide for Improving Your Facebook Ad Performance

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Learn how you can improve Your Facebook Ad Performance, build your own expertise in marketing your business on Facebook, make changes to your ads to improve results and achieve success.

Improving your Facebook advertising performance means higher CTR, conversions and reaching your bucks while keeping your ROI on point. Facebook is one of the best places to locate qualified leads thanks to over 2.38 billion active monthly users and in-depth targeting features. However, as with any type of marketing campaign, how well your Facebook ads perform depends on whether you have a winning strategy. By working with audiences and ad set structure, you can improve the performance of your Facebook ads exponentially.

Here are five things you can do to improve Facebook ad performance and get the best results from your investment.

Facebook Pixel

These various pixel events help you collect data that help you create successful Facebook ads and give more information about the people associated with your website. The Pixel Base Code tracks all traffic to your site. Event codes are additional pieces of code that you can add to specific pages of your website under default pixel codes that allow you to track certain actions on those pages.

With the Facebook Pixel installed , you’ll be able to view data about your site’s visitors on the Pixel dashboard to get a better understanding of how they use your site.

How to Install the Facebook Pixel

Find the header tags in your site’s template and paste the pixel code there. This is what the header code might look like:

facebook-ad-performance, pixel-code

You’ll want to paste the pixel code near the bottom of the header section, just above the tag.

facebook-ad-performanc, pixel-code

Are you already using OptinMonster to collect visitor information on your website? You definitely should be

Facebook Pixel is a very powerful tool, and developing a strategy to meet specific business objectives will help you improve your Facebook advertising performance and understand how to connect with current customers and find new leads.

Create eye-catching visuals

The visuals are entertaining and mind stimulating. Above all, people like to share content that is unique and presents a solution to their questions. If you think about it, the end goal of your ad is to stop users on their tracks and pay attention to your message. This is exactly what an effective advertising scene does — it stands out despite all the noise in the background and draws attention to itself.

Great ad copy can boost your ad’s success by a huge margin, especially if it ties in with your visual story. Here are some characteristics of effective ad copy which can Improve your ad performance .

  • It’s short and sweet
  • It offers value
  • It instills a sense of urgency
  • It reduces uncertainty and builds trust
  • Your audience won't spend too much time on your ad, so you need to get their attention and pitch your product at first glance.

    Here are some keynotes you need to remember.
    • Don't just use an image or video for this - make sure you have a clearly defined purpose behind it.
    • Colors are more important than you think. They can decide the difference between a successful ad and one that just gets lost in the noise.
    • If you want to promote multiple products, you can use Facebook's Carousel ad format , which allows you to show 10 views within one ad. Note the size and quality of the media files you are working with. You can find file size recommendations in the Facebook Advertising Guide This will improve your Facebook advertising performance

    Targeting Right Audience

    Facebook ad targeting to reach very specific groups of people. It is not difficult to find and choose the target you are aiming for. The trick is to find targeting that will work with your ads. The goal is to show your ads to the right people . Who will respond to your ads.

    Facebook offers you many effective ways to target your audience, some of them down there.

    You can target using their “Demographics” and “Behaviors” targeting options:

    facebook-ad-performanc, targeting-demographic

    You can target your ad to people that live among a family or have separate households.

    facebook-ad-performanc, households-targeting

    If you are a banking, insurance or selling an app for small businesses, you can reach a broad number of potential customers.

    facebook-ad-performanc, small-business

    If it is not visible to your target customers then your ad will never be effective. The good thing is that Facebook has targeting options to help you display your ads to the right audience. If you send the right message to the wrong audience, they don't click it. Targeting is not just to find out the general demographics of your audience.

    Keep in mind that some viewers may give you more engagement (likes, clicks, shares, comments) while others may give you more sales and profits. It is not just engagement that matters. You need to measure your end result. If you get a variety of symptoms wrong, you won't get the results you want, no matter how amazing your ad is.

    Carousel Ads

    A Facebook carousel post or advertisement is a creative way to get more content in a small space. You can place up to five unique images within the same story, each with different headlines, descriptions, and URLs. Publish a carousel post or advertisement as an organic story on your page wall and/or an ad unit; Either can be easily viewed on desktop and mobile.

    As this Facebook Carousel Ad template shows, carousel ads also display post text, a headline, link description, call-to-action, and link to your website or post-click landing page, similar to other Facebook ad formats:

    facebook-ad-performanc, carousel-ads-template

    Carousel ads were actually my favorite Facebook advertising feature to come along in a long time. the possibilities are endless. We have created a picture collage using all five boxes to send a message

    These advertisements can also be used to explain a complex process. Instead of showing different products, you simply use each location on the carousel to show one step in the process. Carousel advertising helps you tell a story about your products and your brand. We used this to increase brand awareness . At this point in the funnel, the carousel can be used for traffic, engagement and lead generation purposes, depending on your purpose.

    Set the right budget parameters?

    Campaign budget optimization (CBO) is an ad strategy that establishes the budget at the campaign level. The budget then gets dispersed to the different ad sets by Facebook’s machine learning algorithm.

    As you go through the campaign setup process, you’ll hardly even notice whether you’re editing the campaign, ad sets, or ads – it’s that simplified and easy! As you adjust your ad set’s settings, you’ll have plenty of options regarding the budgets and bids.

    facebook-ad-performanc, set-option-budget

    As a rule, it’s a good idea to start low – say $2 a day - and see how your ad performs over the course of a week. You may need to raise the budget for your ad to run properly and improve your ad performance.

    Facebook gives you two budgeting options:

    Daily budget – Facebook will spend this sum on delivering your ads every day during your campaign. You can choose a daily budget. Simply put, your daily ad spend is capped at a specific amount and that same amount to allocated to be spent in full if the platform sees fit.

    facebook-ad-performanc, daily-budgets

    Lifetime budget – Facebook will divide the total campaign budget more or less evenly across the campaign dates. This pretty much puts the serving of your ads in the hands of Facebook’s targeting system, serving based on optimal timing.

    facebook-ad-performanc, lifetime-budgets-schedule

    Both daily budget and lifetime budget campaigns have their strengths, though. Which one is right for you is based on your goals and what you’re willing to spend.


    Facebook ads are a smart way to get highly qualified leads for your business at a low price or retarget to already interested shoppers to keep them coming back.

    To optimize your Facebook ads further, split-test as many client profiles as possible within a reasonable budget. The above recommendations and framework were designed to help you increase engagement and Improving your Facebook ad performance 2020 on your Facebook Ads.

    Just keep in mind that the strategy you use will determine your success or your failure.

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