Tips to Write Amazing Google AdWords That Will Grab Attention

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here are Best Adwords Copywriting Tips That Will Grab Attention increase your CTR and make your ads irresistible. ad copy examples you can use to write amazing Google ads that will bring.

Google is the search engine that many potential customers use, although there are many other search engines, such as Bing and Baidu. Writing ad copy for Google ads is a combination of art and science. This requires that you go beyond the ad to the landing page

Google advertising is just a drain for you to reach your target audience, and it is your job as an advertiser to reach and engage your customers through great ads that resonate with the reader.

These are great things to consider when writing a copy of your ad , but unfortunately, it is usually easier to bring the limitations of the AdWords character into play. There are some tricks that you can use to make your ads stand out, and once you see your ad, you need to make sure that the words in your ads are speaking to your audience, clicking them Reassure to do

Address Your Audience

When writing your first Google ad you have to focus on your audience . Search campaigns are a powerful strategy for marketers, allowing you to reach users while they are actively searching for information. Before you start writing, you have to understand things from the point of view of the target audience. What problems are they facing? What are their pain points? How does this product or service solve their problems? What questions might they have about your product?


When writing an ad copy you should always keep your audience in mind. You must first think who they are. Are they mothers, fathers, young adults, fitness gurus or teachers? Think about who is in your audience so that you can create ads that will appeal to those types of people.

Google is pulling useful data about your users to show repeated patterns of behavior, clear intent signals for when the users are in the market, and create personalized algorithms to get your ad in front of a user who is more likely to need or buy your product.

The headline is crucial

Great content is important, no doubt. But I argue that a great title is the most important part in any type of content you create. When you are writing Google ad headlines, they will appear at the top of your ad in three different categories. You get 30 characters for each section that make up a combined 90 characters, but the sections are physically separated so they need to come across as distinct thoughts.


On average, 80% of people will read your title, while only 20% will read, watch, or hear the remainder. Use a symbol or number in Headline 1 or Headline 2 (or even both) immediately attracts attention. To get a significant increase in click-through rates from mobile devices you have to use emojis and symbols in the body and body of your ad copy.


PPC headlines have a major impact on the success of your campaigns, and they need to be well adapted to your specific goals and your audience.

Looking at 80% of the time, headlines are the only part of ads that are being read, there are plenty of opportunities to increase your CTR. These features make for the right headlines that will attract the attention of a potential customer.

Use Emotional Triggers to Your Advantage

Playing on people's emotions is a powerful way to convert your paid advertisements. "An emotional trigger is something that sets an emotional response to something." The trigger is not necessarily good or bad - but it creates an emotional response. For example, motivation is a powerful emotion that satisfies people's needs to achieve, fulfill and fulfill dreams. Needless to say, businesses can use it to drive their audience to action.


To achieve this with your PPC ads, it’s all about the wording. The most common words used on best-selling magazine covers, which includes:

  • You
  • Results
  • Powerful
  • Discover
  • Win
  • Improve
  • Creating an emotional copy is the first part of optimizing your PPC ads. To get the most out of emotional ad copy, you need to take additional steps to inflame clicks and conversions.

    With the language you use, you can also encourage action:
    • Buy today!
    • Act now!
    • Limited time offer
    • Hurry, sale ends soon

    Realize that your audience can be made up of different kinds of emotions; Knowing the various elements with an ideal scent mark can be paramount to the success of your PPC campaign. Remember that, regardless of whether you are dealing with B2B markets B2B markets or B2C customers, every marketing campaign comes down to an H2H interaction. — human to human.

    Focused on the Long Tail

    Short tail keywords are search phrases with only one or words. Their length makes them less specific than searches with more words. Short-tail keywords refer to the highest volume of search and the higher the word, the higher the search volume.

    The short tail keyword is also known as "head terms". They may be the first thing you think of when you are deciding where to go to eat (“Chinese food,” “pizza delivery”), what to do (“dance clubs,” “roller coaster park”), or where to worship (“synagogue,” “Catholic church”).


    Although short-tail keywords will generate thousands of visitors to your website, they are highly competitive and difficult to rank on Google. However, it is possible to rank these search terms using a little hard work, patience and the right approach.

    For example, the shoe is a short tail keyword, and so is the Nike sports shoe. These keywords are very broad and only describe the very general idea of ​​who you are and what you do. Because long-tail keywords are more descriptive and more narrowly defined, you have less competition and a better chance of converting your audience

    Have a clear call to action:

    Using a call to action in an ad copy helps frame the visitor experience. It can work similarly to the prequalifying ad copy described in the next section. Once they understand what you want them to do, it can help to exclude those who are not willing. This practice helps you save the cost of clicks .

    The CTA is simple and consistent across the page. If you want to grow your business, its page quickly makes it clear that you have found someone who can help you and then encourages you to take the next step to do so.


    Using a call to action in an ad copy helps frame the visitor experience. It can work similarly to the prequalifying ad copy described in the next section. Once they understand it then it can help those who are not interested.

    When using a CTA, consider what your audience wants and how close they are to making a purchase. Now do not depend on 'like call'. Be creative, consider your audience and choose messages that will resonate.

    Your CTA must also deliver what you promise immediately. That’s why so many thank you messages and subscription confirmation messages include a link to a promised download or a valuable resource.

    Research Keywords First

    The better you understand pain to be your solution and people looking for solutions to their problem online, the better you can guess which keywords they will use. Using the headlines in your ad copy and / or the search keyword in the text tells the visitor, "You're in the right place. We have what you're looking for.

    When it comes to keyword placement, try adding your keyword in the URL slug, Headline 1, Description 1, and double-check that you have a CTA in your description copy


    It is important to ensure that keywords are being used well. Do not keep only as many items as you can carry. An ad that is likely to be saturated with keywords does not convey any message and may be worse than an ad with no keywords. It is more important to properly articulate what you are selling.

    AdWords provides a great tool to come up with new keyword ideas. The Keyword Planner tool allows you to enter a list of keywords you've already churned (or URL), and it will spit out an expanded list of related words and phrases.


    Ad groups typically contain 1–15 keywords. As in the example above you feel that you don't have to limit yourself to 3 keywords per ad group. Again, the important thing is that all keywords (whether 2 or 15) within an ad group are highly related—I can’t stress this enough.

    Keep your costs in check by choosing a few relevant keywords with moderate search volumes.

    Writing a text ad is not as difficult as it sounds when you first start. Start with a headline that should be relevant to the keywords you target.

    The development of PPC will continue, but the classic marketing and advertising principles outlined here will stick because fundamental human behavior is at the core of each. Give these best practices a shot and tell us your results! Which strategy helped you the most? What have you seen work best in your ad copy? Share with us in the comments!

    Ad copywriting for Google ads is a fusion of creative talent, solid copywriting, and scientific data. Google's algorithm has greatly affected the ability of an ad copy.

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