Ads Cpa facebook ad costs Tricks tips 2019

Focus on increasing CTR. Run highly targeted campaigns. Utilize retargeting. Split test images and copy. Only target Facebook's desktop Newsfeed..

Your Facebook CPA largely depends on what you consider to be an acquisition in your campaign. This can be almost anything from leads, comments, downloads, buys, notifications, and more. Whatever your goal, integrating this three-step process into your strategy can help you lower your CPA .

In today's crowded market, creating the perfect, streamlined ad may seem as volatile and patchy as spring in Minnesota, but in fact, there's insufficient fundamentals


Call to action is a request to a user to take the desired action. You can often find examples of calls to action in compelling writing. For example, if a brand has won in a blog post or video, a call to action is often displayed at the end.

Button-to-action buttons are located at the top of a Facebook page to the left of the Like and Message buttons.

Ads facebook ad costs Tricks CALL TO ACTION 2019
No matter how relevant and appealing your ad is, it is a waste of money and effort without any action (CTA). The viewers might like it, but they won't do anything about it. Your job is to lift them from the metaphorical couch and move on to the next step!

Several function keys are available:

  • Book now
  • Contact us
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Of course, your Facebook placements determine where your ad is actually displayed and on which platforms. This in turn has an effect on various other factors, eg. For example, the format your ad can take on different platforms, e.g. For example, Facebook's mobile and desktop news feeds Instagram, Audience Network, Messenger. Places where you place your ads are called "placements."

Ads facebook-ad costs Tricks tips placement 2019

If you open a new Facebook advertising account today, you quickly see that your ads are set to "automatic placements" and wonder what that means. If you choose to target Facebook users only on their desktop/notebook computers, you are limited to the Facebook news feed and the right column location.


Facebook offers hundreds of targeting and demographic options. To get the most out of your advertising, money, you need to focus on your audience.

Ads facebook ad costs TARGET tips 2019

Consumers who connect to your Facebook page and save it as an independent fan community and create special campaigns for them. At the same time, existing Facebook fans are also excluding themselves in other target groups. The same applies to visitors and converters on the website. By limiting your audience, you can dramatically reduce competition from other brands that serve ads to a similar audience. "If you're targeting a segment where smaller advertisers compete for ad space - for example, on international markets - your ad will be more cost-effective."

There are literally hundreds of ways to talk to people. Note that you can use any combination of targeting methods

  • Place:
  • demographics:
  • Interests
  • Behavior:
  • Engagement:
  • Automatic optimization:


Advertisers often complain about cost stability and scalability. There are bid strategies for Facebook ads, that can improve these results. With a high bid strategy, you have the best chance of showing ads to people most likely to convert. That means your ads will get more clicks and clickthrough rates,, relevance points, and ROI.

Ads facebook ad costs Tricks STRATEGIES 2019

In most cases, Facebook automates bids (this is the default option). However, advertisers can bid manually to better control their costs. The primary goal of a manual bid is to lower the cost per action you'd like (usually a conversion).


A memorable headline goes a long way - getting people's attention. Give users a good reason to stay on your site. The title is the first thing users see, so make sure they are curious. Go straight to the point - make it short, sweet and powerful, irresistible

Use bullet points - they should mention the benefits of the, offer and be relevant to your visitors. These points should convince the public to complete the subscription as soon as it goes into the supply side. Avoid text blocks! People are more likely to prefer clear and explicit sentences to large lazy texts

Images - Select the right images to better connect users with what you want to convey. By adding the right images you can get the added benefit of compelling users to complete the subscription process

Mobile apps installed: Focus on installing mobile apps. It is a good idea to treat these mobile only placements as lower hop conversions and to try different placement options. An attempt: Forget the public network, if you are not sure that the apps are relevant to your audience.

The more specific your audience is, the less likely you are to compete with other brands. This means that you will not get caught up in an expensive bidding war.

Ads facebook-ad audience costs Tricks tips 2019

We focus specifically on direct response strategies, for Facebook and Instagram and do it better than anyone else. But I have found hundreds of e-commerce entrepreneurs using direct-response ads on Facebook but cannot achieve sufficient CPA or scaling problems. With these tips and careful planning, you only spend money on valuable conversions to break evenly and your investment in Facebook ads is worth it.

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