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Facebook ad placement optimization is an often overlooked tactic.Read about Automatic Placements,Optimize your ad placement,Know Whenshould you use all the placements..

Ad placement is an important part of creating a successful digital marketing campaign, and Facebook ad placement is no exception.

Facebook placement is actually a very direct part of the Facebook advertising system, and as long as you have the right information, you can make smart, strategic decisions without a lot of risk.

You'll have the option to choose where you want your ads to appear when creating ads in Facebook Power Editor or using ad creation. At this time, you are able to select multiple ad placements for one advertisement. Keep in mind that each ad placement has a different image and text specifications that you must meet in order to run your ad on Facebook.

See appointments that do not work with Facebook advertising reports. I test various appointments and sometimes see if Instagram placements do well for certain special promotions, but I often find that it is not.

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You have two methods of choosing your Ad placements:

Automatic Placements

When you were about to start a Facebook ad, your Facebook automatically picks your ads for the recommended placements you are eligible for, based on your objectives and creative. This is the default option. The automatic placement option will optimize your ads in real time to get your ad unit in front of users, who are more likely to take action based on the purpose of the campaign.

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Edit Placements-

Where you can choose where your ad will be shown. When editing platforms, Facebook offers advanced options, where you can, for example, determine which mobile device the ad will be shown on, or you can exclude targeting for the in-stream video here. If you click Edit Placement, you will see all the options:

edit option,ad placement

Your Facebook ad placement options

Facebook offers six placements, your ads may not be eligible for all placements as eligibility depends on your advertising purpose. For example, if you installed the Objective mobile app, your ad would be eligible for placement on Instagram, a mobile news feed, and ineligible for placement on the audience network and desktop news feeds and the right column.

In this short guide, we will discuss the various Facebook ad placements available to you as well as Facebook ad placement supports each type of advertising. Facebook provides you with the top six platforms for advertising. Your Facebook ad placement options include:

  • Facebook desktop newsfeed
  • Facebook mobile newsfeed
  • Facebook right column
  • Audience Network
  • Instant Articles
  • Instagram
  • Keep in mind that you can choose more than one placement at a time. It is highly recommended to do this as it allows you to reach a wider audience. However, to know which is the most attractive placement for you, always do an A / B test and analyze your results.

    You also have to remember that not all Facebook ad placements support every type of advertising. The infographic below will guide you about each type of Facebook ad placement and the benefits of the ad types they support..

    Instant article

    Ads on instant articles are displayed on articles that can be easily loaded on Facebook. Advertisements are usually sandwiched between the paragraphs of the article. This is ideal if you are targeting audiences who often read long-form content that is not available on the news feed..

    instant article,ad placement

    Facebook offers advertisers the option of placing advertisements within instant articles. These ads are displayed to users who are reading quick articles using Facebook's mobile app. They usually appear between paragraphs. This is a great way to interact with your potential customers because they trust a news source they trust. Added bonus: 70% viewers are less likely to leave the article before reading..

    Desktop News Feed

    With desktop news feed placement, your ads will appear on desktop news feeds, with posts from a user's friends and family. This is a good option for those who want to reach desktop users..

    desktop, news feed,ads placement

    However, if you have a complex end goal that requires someone to perform multiple tasks, making it harder to accomplish on a mobile device then you can target users on a desktop news feed. .

    Desktop newsfeed placement is particularly suitable for ads that promote an offer that is difficult to fulfill on a mobile device. You think you need to remember that if you target only Facebook users on your desktop/laptop computers, you will be limited to Facebook's newsfeed and right column placement..

    Mobile newsfeed

    It will show your ads to more than 1.23 billion users accessing Facebook through apps or mobile browsers. Ads appearing on this placement maximize the screen of any mobile device as no sidebar makes them more noticeable.

    When you choose mobile news feed placement, your ad is displayed in the news feed of users who are using the Facebook app on mobile devices such as iPhones and Android.

    mobile facebook,ads placement

    This option allows you to show ads in the news feed to people who are using the Facebook app on their mobile devices, it also shows your ads to Facebook users who are visiting the site via a mobile browser.

    Audience Network

    The Audience Network is a network of Facebook's collaborative apps and websites that can be accessed via mobile. Advertising on the network gives advertisers access to 16% more people (1 billion) than advertising on Facebook alone.

    audience network,ads placement

    You cannot select audience network placements on your own, it is associated with mobile news feed placements. Therefore, when you select the audience network, you will also automatically select Mobile News Feed Placement.

    Add audience network placement if viewers reach Facebook using desktop and mobile news feed placements is not enough.

    Facebook right column

    The Facebook right column is one of the least used placements. Your ads appear in the right column across Facebook to people browsing on desktop only.

    Feeds and right-hand columns are your most basic placements. Choosing a feed will place your ad among the feeds of your target audience. Whereas the right column is less preferred due to being located on the far right side of the interface. Thus, making this appointment less than ideal for initial engagement, not to mention most Facebook users know that these are ads. For almost every advertising purpose targeting cold prospects,ads in the Right Column experience a lower click-through-rate (CTR) than all other placements.


    However, Right Column placement is very effective when used in tandem with Desktop News Feed placement for retargeting campaigns to warm or hot prospects.


    Using Instagram as your placement means that your ads will appear on Instagram's feed, among other Instagram users' posts. Note that Instagram does not support all of Facebook's advertising formats. While single image, video and carousel ads are eligible for placement on Instagram, canvas and slide show ads are not. The platform currently boasts 800 million monthly active users this allows current Facebook advertisers the ability to expand their reach on a different platform altogether.

    instagram,ad placement

    If you decide to run a campaign via Instagram, expect your cost per acquisition between $ 1 - $ 2.25 and give your audience more inclination towards the younger demographic.

    For example, we run 99% of our campaigns on mobile and desktop news feed placements and add right column placements to reorder campaigns.


    Facebook is a great network to help increase brand recognition and engagement. With the option to pick and choose between multiple placements, you can better control the performance of your ads and help improve the performance of your campaigns.

    I hope this was helpful in getting started with your Facebook ads and choosing the right Facebook ad placement! If you want more information, make sure you grab my free mini-course on Facebook Ads!

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