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Here is the Complete-Guide on how to create a Facebook Business Manager account. It provide you more power and insights than you’ve ever had. How to Setup Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook Business Manager is a useful tool if you have more than one ad account, if you need to track separate clients’ ads or pages and create reports for them, or if your company uses Facebook for different services related to your business.

So you want to start learning and running facebook ads but you're not quite sure how to start where to begin that's why you're here at this article and that's exactly what I'm about to show you step by step.

Create a Facebook Business Manager Account

So the very first thing that you want to do is create a facebook business manager account and this is just gonna be like your center, center that you go to the central place where you do all of your facebook ads. I would suggest that you get a facebook manager account and that's really easy to do all you need to do is just do a google search facebook business manager so just click right here on business manager overview

business manager, overview

If you want to read more about a business manager you can read through this little page just scroll it down. Here it's got some good info. After that, you have to click top right to create an account and then click on it. or you can directly Go to

create, new account

After we have decided our campaign type, let’s give our campaign a name. This may seem like a fairly simple step, but it is actually very important to adopt useful naming conventions for your campaigns so think and put in your business name here

your businiess, vianinja

Hereafter you're putting your name and your business email so do that and click finish all right after that you got a screen like this

 businiess manager, your details

Put your all info on it which are required. So now this here is the business manager

 businiess manager, facebook

Create Facebook Business Pages

Add Facebook Business Pages to Your Business Manager Account

On your Facebook Business Manager homepage, you’ll immediately see the buttons to “Add Page”, “Add Ad Account” or “Add People”. First, let’s click “Add Page”.

facebook businiess , page setup

Click “Add Page” on the pop-up screen.

ad page , pop up screen

Then click Add Page. Assuming you have administrator access to the page you’re trying to add, your request will be approved automatically.

Setup Your business Ad Manager

This is exactly where you want to be this is where you're gonna access all of your facebook ad everything from so let's first start just by clicking this drop-down menu up here

dropdown , facebook ads

You'll see everything that exists inside of the facebook business manager so you've got different categories you've got to create manage a measure and report assets settings.

Let's click on over here to business settings on the right corner of your dropdown which you can also access by clicking this business setting wheel up here

facebook business settings , facebook ads

In the top right it'll bring you to the same spot as you can see right here in the far left column got users accounts and then more tabs and everything so that the first time I jumped in here

 business manager , ad setup

It overwhelmed me a bit and like even now sometimes I'm not absolutely familiar with everything that's in here so if you're overwhelmed that's proper like you're gonna learn what's really important in here through this article and then also just through you know being in here bringing everything all right.

Create an Add Account

So the first thing that you want to do to get things set up is to come over here to add accounts and click on that and then you need to create an add account so click on add then click create a new add account

 create ad account , facebook

I'm gonna call this make one up to add account advertising on behalf of Vianinja and then just click create add account

 create ad account , click create

Now that we've created that ad account you need to assign yourself to that ad account so how you gonna do that is just select yourself here with different permissions like manage campaigns, view performance, manage ad account.

assign yourself , add account

So the role that you want to select is added account admin which is going to give you control over absolutely everything click assign

Choose Payment Method

Then click this blue switch then alright and then what you need to do is make sure that you have a payment method set up for the account so that you are actually able to run ads because without a payment method set up you're not going to be able to so click on the payment bellow your integrations option. Click on it you will get the screen like this.

payment method, add account

Then click add a payment method and then you can choose whichever payment method you want to add here you can input a credit or debit PayPal whatever you want to do

payment method, method details

so just make sure that's inputted and then you're good to go

Facebook Ads from Inside of the Business Manager

There's only one other step that you need to do to actually be fully set up to run facebook ads from inside of the business manager and that's whenever you go running an ad you need to have a facebook page associated with that so you can do that by going like this and clicking into business settings and clicking on pages and then you can add a page right here

add page, business manager

If you just go and start to create an ad then it will prompt us to either select a facebook page and if we don't have if there's not a facebook page to select then it will give us the option to create one so you can create one while you're creating the ad itself or you can create it right here or if there is already a page that exists you can it right here so that's that and then once you have your page connected you've got everything set up you have the account, you have the payment method and you have the facebook page, now you're ready to start creating ads and running ads i should probably clarify just so we don't get confused if we come up here and click on this arrow.

setup, business manager

You'll see that there's a personal ad account and there's this business manager account that we just created so this make one up is the business manager account we've created the personal ad account is just created by default when you create a regular facebook account so if i click this it's not going to take me to a different business manager account

setup, business manager

It's just going to take me to what's called the ads manager which is where you can actually create ads and everything like i said at the beginning of this article i wanted to show you how to create a business manager account for but i just think it's better and then especially if you're going to be working with clients in the future or just doing much more extensive facebook advertising but i just wanted to show you this that if you do click into that personal account it brings you to the ads manager and you can run ads from that personal account

ads, personal account

So that's the way you want to do it that's fine but i'm just wanting to show you the business manager side which is a bit more robust and is built for you know actual business so to speak so i'm gonna click back over to make one up and i'm just gonna finish walking through a couple more important things here and then that's gonna end up that's gonna be the end of this article so come click this menu up here gain business settings i'm going to finish showing you around and here really fast all right

so this section here people this is for if you want to add people into your business manager say an employee or a partner or something like that and they can have access to different parts or all of your business manager and run ads and all that but if it's just you don't have to worry about anything like that


If you’ve set your Business Manager account up correctly, you should have more power and insights than you’ve ever had.

you’ll also have access to insights and analytics you’ve never seen before into the buyer’s journey, particularly in Facebook’s Attribution section. It’s those data points that can help you make strategic decisions to help your business grow and your customers buy for a long time

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