6 Steps to Get Shopify Sales Using Facebook Ads

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6 Tips For A Facebook Dynamic Ad Strategy That Supercharges Your Shopify Sales. Learn how to use Facebook ads effectively to grow your online business with Shopify.,

If you have absolutely no idea how to get Shopify sales using FB ads you're in the absolute right place.

Now follow my strategies closely because they've been developed after spending tens of thousands of dollars in the last four months

So what is stage one, stage one is that you have got your store ready you've got all your products added to the store and Here's the thing you have never played with FB ads and you have absolutely no idea how it works.

Don't worry I'm going to walk you through the entire process it's completely beginner-friendly. Even if you have never used FB ads by the time you're done reading this article my goal is to get you started I'm gonna walk you through the entire process right here in this article.

Facebook ads are so powerful , you want sales on a Shopify store FB ads that's it. scrap off in Stein Flow answers you can play with it later. Facebook ads put you in the driver seat so that you are in control of everything you're in control of your destiny. facebook ads are great for the first few sales and it's absolutely awesome for scaling your business to like hundreds of sales per day. the scalability is on just another level now that you're pumped here we provide

Step by step guide to Get Shopify Sales Using Facebook Ads

Step 1

Go to business.facebook.com and log in using your Facebook account

facebook business, manager login

Step 2

Create a new ad account now if you're logging into the business manager for the first time it might give you a prompt cancel that prompt and then go to that little gear icon at the top right and then click on it then go to the add accounts tab

account option, add account

After that, you need to click on add and then click on create a new ad account

create account, ad account

Once you do you can give your ad account a name and then the time zone is going to be GMT - 8 that's what I recommend the currency is ideally US dollars but if Facebook does not allow you to select US dollars just go with your local currency

create account, ad account

Once you do click on create ad account and boom your ad account is done

Step 3

Create a Facebook page just go to the Pages tab and click on add

create facebook page, new page

Click on create a new page and then select brand or product once you do choose a category website and then give your page a name

facebook page, category

The page name is going to be basically your store name.

Step 4

Once your Facebook page is created you just need to click on this little icon here

facebook page, facebook ads

Then go to the page upload a profile picture and then upload a facebook cover photo.

Now just to make sure that the Facebook page is filled up just copy the links of 3 or 4 product pages and then add them one by one as posts inside your Facebook page that's it now that your Facebook page looks nice and full awesome

Step 5

Create a Facebook pixel, just go to the pixels tab right here

facebook page, facebook pixel

Click on add and then give your Facebook pixel a name which is basically going to be your ad account name followed by pixel and then click on create once you do click on the pixels name so that you reach the setup instructions page and then click on View setup instructions click on Use integration or tag manager from there select Shopify

use integration, tag manager

Then copy the go-to Shopify admin panel pixel ID that comes up right here

shopify, panel pixel

just copy this entire thing right-click and copy and then paste it inside your Shopify admin and the place you need to paste it is inside the online store and then go to preferences

online store, preference

you'll see a field for Facebook pixel just paste that pixel ID click on save and you are done

facebook pixel, pixel id

step 6

You have to make sure that your pixel is installed properly the way to do that is to install a Chrome extension which is called the Facebook pixel helper

facebook pixel, extention

just google it install that Chrome extension and then open up your store when you open up your store the extension should come up right here on your Chrome browser

facebook pixel, crome

Click on it and if it says the Facebook pixel and the ID shows up and it also should say page view

Now that you've done all of this your Facebook business manager account has been set up your ad account has been created your pixel has been installed your Facebook page has been created you have achieved a lot inside this Article

Now I just want to go over some quick facts frequently asked questions

How much budget do I need ?

Five hundred to a thousand dollars is a good enough budget to start testing your products and to try and find some decent winners

Why do we select USD as the default currency?

Well what I recommend is selecting the currency that is your stores default currency so if we go to our stores settings and then go to general you can actually see your store's currency that should be your facebook ad account currency as well I recommend keeping USD as your stores default currency and also keeping USD as your Facebook ad account currency

So that when you look at all the data and you track all your numbers everything is in USD and it just makes things easier for you if it were in some different currencies all over the place you just have to open up a calculator and do all these other calculations

And we don't want all that confusion

Why did we select the time zone as Pacific time - 8 America?

I have seen some pretty good results using this time zone and I have opened up multiple ad accounts the Pacific time zone has just worked the best for me so far so that is why I recommend going with the Pacific time zone

Now this is super important your Facebook ad a con time zone should match your stores at a con time zone also and your stores account time zone can be easily set up by

Going to settings going to general and then viewing the time zone

What about payments?

Facebook ads accepts debit cards credit PayPal a lot of different payment sources now before you launch the first campaign Facebook is going to automatically prompt you to add your payment method now it's just a one-time setup process once you have added your payment method it is automatically charged once a certain threshold of spent is reached

The Facebook advertising platform is designed to be easy to use for those with little to no experience with digital marketing, making it even more attractive to bootstrapped entrepreneurs who don’t want to pay an agency to run their ads. these 6-step Facebook ads strategy for Shopify business owners. Follow this and you will have a much greater chance of getting success with your ads on Facebook.

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